• Martin Gude

    Martin Gude

    UX Strategist. Product Manager. Mobile Addict. Vinyl Rocker. Liberal. Traveller. Hype Junkie. Civil Rights. 'Straya. Coffee. FC St. Pauli. Collingwood FC.

  • entwickler


    Das Beste für Entwickler aller Lager!

  • Robert Haase

    Robert Haase

    Freelance Brand Strategist

  • Michael Weber

    Michael Weber

    Consultant, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Aikido Teacher. Passionate about photography, design, innovation, technology, leadership and the zen arts.

  • Sebastian Waters

    Sebastian Waters

    Creative Consultant for Digital Products.

  • Giovanni Ruello

    Giovanni Ruello

    Service Designer @BoschGlobal | Accenture alumni | Sometimes drawing comics | Coffee addicted | Cofounder of nothing | Views are my own

  • Sybit UX

    Sybit UX

    Mit dem Nutzer im Herzen und dem See vor der Tür – Der Twitter-Account des UI/UX Design Teams der Sybit GmbH.

  • Jan M. Rechlitz

    Jan M. Rechlitz

    Berater für digitale Kommunikation & Social Media ★ Dipl. Medienwiss. ★ Medien-Junkie ★ AMW-Alumnus

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